My goal is to work with you to tell your story in a compelling way that translates to your social media channels, websites, or print. My favorite approach is combining images with the written word. The final product can be shared in long form or broken down to be distributed to audiences as part of a time released sequence.

I want to help you persuade people to your side, convince customers to buy your product, and trust you as the foremost expert in your field. Explain your project goals and we will collaborate on a communications strategy that delivers.

Social media and other digital communications tools require an endless supply of new, high quality content. Make yours the best. Contact me to discuss a single project or long term partnerships.


Dean Pagani is a multi-media story-teller with experience in digital, print, video, audio journalism and public relations.

He is a graduate of the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts and holds a Master's degree in New Media Photojournalism from the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at George Washington University.



What’s different about your approach to photography?

I want to use photography as one part of the story telling process. It is the centerpiece in most cases, but it should be used to serve the bigger purpose of making a connection. We use social media these days to both pass time and maximize our use of time. Good photography can be used to pull people into your story and make it worth the investment of their time.

You seem put a lot of stock in the essay form?

In a perfect world a story becomes an immersive experience. You are waiting to catch a plane, waiting for your next meeting, or a dinner companion; you turn to your phone and you spend 15 minutes looking for something to do. You want your wait time to be productive. To learn and be entertained.

How does the immersive format fit in to making connections with users?

Keeping it simple and pure is the most effective way to communicate. The simple speech, letter, or black and white photograph are still among the most effective ways to deliver a message when the stakes are high. What I want to do is use those basic story telling tools in the modern communications environment to make a difference for those I work with.

How do you work?

My primary objective has always been to understand your goals. What’s your goal? That’s the first question I ask. Then I start working with you to figure out the best way to achieve that goal. I like to be efficient with your time and money. I scout out shoot locations. I develop shot lists. From the moment production begins I keep you informed of what I am doing and why.

Social media seems to be voracious in its demand for content. How can every business possibly keep up?

Not every individual or company can commit the time and resources to full time content development. This is where I’m trying to help.

I can work with you on a project basis a few times a year or I can work with you on a monthly basis with the goal of producing a constant stream of new content all year long.