Social Content

A Story Telling Approach

The proliferation of information through social media has fundamentally altered the way people consume and react to messaging. Audiences are no longer impressed by, and largely do not trust, the hard sell. They intuitively identify and ignore a promise that goes too far. In the digital landscape people are looking for a truthful, genuine message that compels them to want to make you or your brand a part of their life. They seek trusted partnerships.

Using still images, film and the written word, I work with clients to tell a truthful story that connects with the intended audience.

I work with individuals on their personal brands, private companies, non-profits and those interested in influencing public policy.

The techniques of photojournalism, portraiture and environmental photography - when combined with the written or spoken word - help you break through. Working as partners we develop content that can be used across all your communication channels. Websites, social media, email campaigns and more traditional platforms.

The story telling approach can be applied to:

Personal resumes


Social causes

Public affairs campaigns

Journalism as used on your own digital or social channels, websites, blogs, newsletters, or email campaigns.


Social and digital media platforms have a voracious appetite for content. It is difficult to create too much.

To help you manage your need for new and updated material I can work with you on a per project or monthly retainer basis.

Per project pricing is based on the size of the project, the goal, and the length of time necessary to complete the work.

For those who require a steady 12-month per year output of social and digital content, I can work on a monthly retainer basis. We will work together to develop a long-term plan, identify monthly deliverables and create a production schedule designed to deliver on time within the confines of a predictable budget.

Contact me and let’s talk.

Everyone has a story to tell. I would like to help you tell yours.